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Wastewater upgrades for the City of Armadale

Water Corporation has completed a $12 million wastewater upgrade project in the City of Armadale, in Perth’s southeast, providing residents with access to a new wastewater main and pump station.

The project involved the construction of 2.9km of wastewater main from Forrest Road in Hilbert, along Eleventh Road, Wollaston Avenue, and Forrest Road in Haynes.

Minister for Water, Dave Kelly, said, “Investment in this vital infrastructure ensures growing communities, such as those in the City of Armadale, have access to reliable wastewater services.

“These upgrades allow for wastewater to be safely removed from homes, transported, treated and returned to the environment or recycled.

“Wastewater from the Haynes and Hilbert areas is transported to the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest wastewater treatment plant in WA.

“The plant treats wastewaters from more than 680,000 people living south of the Swan River, each day.”

Construction took 12 months to complete, and involved more than 200 workers being employed on site.


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