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Sky Muster supplying broadband to Remote Flying Doctor clinics

nbn’s Sky Muster satellite is now supplying 24 Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) bases and 300 remote area clinics with high speed broadband, enabling online health management in areas this hadn’t previously been possible.

Many of these remote RFDS clinics had little or no internet connectivity and will now receive broadband through the Sky Muster satellites.

Minister for Regional Communications, Fiona Nash, said 14 remote RFDS clinics would soon be able to use Telehealth services, which allows patients to videoconference with specialists and doctors all over the country.

“This is one of the really great things the Sky Muster satellites are doing – helping to improve the health of remote Australians,” Ms Nash said.

“This partnership between RFDS and Sky Muster will also advance moves to host Sky Muster receivers in planes, so they can send live data – say from a heart monitor, to a heart specialist anywhere in the country, who can provide live advice.

“The Sky Muster satellites shoot beams down from 36000km above earth to provide broadband internet to the most remote parts of Australia, and I’m thrilled they’ll now be providing broadband to the Flying Doctors.”

nbn is set to continue to work alongside the RFDS to further develop the partnership arrangements during 2017, and assessment of the trial will occur in 2018.


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