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New board appointments for Sustainability Victoria

A new Deputy Chairperson and four new members have been appointed to the board of Sustainability Victoria.

Kane Thornton will serve as the board’s Deputy Chairperson for the next two years and brings a range of skills to the role, including extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

New members on the board include Peter Castellas, Sarah Clarke, Judith Harris and Kerry Osborne, each of whom will serve for the next five years.

The members boast considerable expertise and experience in energy and climate change, community engagement, change management, education, local government, regional affairs, and knowledge of the waste industry and waste management at local government level.

The new members were appointed after an open expression of interest process that attracted a large and diverse field of candidates.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, said, “We welcome these new appointments and we’re excited to see the new Sustainability Victoria board deliver a healthier environment for local communities.

“The more diverse and skilled our boards are, the better they will be at making balanced, informed decisions in the best interests of Victorians.”

The appointments will help support the Government’s partnership with councils, local communities and environmental groups to maintain a strong focus on climate change, sustainability and the environment.


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