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Integrating new technology with old networks

Andrew Steer has over 30 years’ experience in designing technological solutions for utilities and is using his expertise to integrate smart metering with traditional control systems, information he’ll be sharing at the Melbourne event showcasing the latest in cyber security, Secure Utilities.

Mr Steer, NCC Support Manager, United Energy, has focused his career on the development of strategies and applying technology to solve utility business problems and drive service improvement.  

Over the past four years at United Energy Mr Steer has worked on designing solutions and processes and implementing systems for smart metering and real-time gas and electricity network control.  

Mr Steer is currently deploying work planning, scheduling and mobility solutions in conjunction with four field service providers to improve the field service work processes and customer information.

Mr Steer’s work integrating the Victorian smart metering analytics and traditional SCADA control systems into day-to-day grid operations over the past 18 months is the basis for his Secure Utilities presentation ‘Improved solutions for the detection, response, reconfiguration, and restoration of smart grid’.

Mr Steer will discuss how smart metering networks were initially deployed to make available timely energy consumption data to the industry participants and consumers to improve service and expand consumer energy choices.  

United Energy has deployed the collection of five-minute engineering data and unsolicited event information to its entire smart meter fleet and has selected sites operating at one minute intervals with the option of 10 second periodicity. This capability is consistent with traditional gas and electricity network SCADA operations.  

Mr Steer will explain that data can be analysed and controlled in near real time, resulting in a range of cases where the SCADA and smart meter networks are operating in unison to change the grid operations into a considerably smarter model for electricity networks.

Is your utility keeping ahead of cyber security challenges? Our event, Secure Utilities, being held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne on 23 March 2017, will ensure you’re up to date with the latest thinking and technology to keep your assets and data safe.


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