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Divers to inspect water treatment plant leak

Gippsland Water has called in specialist divers to find the source of a leak in a tank at the Maffra Water Treatment Plant.

The divers have begun blocking the pipes and inspecting the liner for cracks.

Gippsland Water has asked customers in Maffra, Stratford and Boisdale to be mindful of their water use to reduce pressure on the system, particularly during the warm weather.

“There is no immediate threat to water quality or supply in the Maffra area, however we are mindful of the impact the forecasted hot days could have on the system,” Gippsland Water General Manager Customer Service and Communication, Paul Clark, said.

“Divers will continue their internal examination of the treated water storage tank over the coming days. Once the source of the leak is confirmed, we will provide more information about expected repair times,” Mr Clark said.

“These specialised divers wear fully sealed, decontaminated suits and customers can be assured that water quality will not be compromised at any stage during the inspection process.

“Gippsland Water urges customers in Maffra, Stratford and Boisdale to remain vigilant with any unnecessary water use until the source of the leak has been identified and a plan to repair the damage can be implemented.

“Gippsland Water would like customers in Maffra, Stratford and Boisdale to report any water main breaks or leaks, to keep the region’s water reserves stable.”

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