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Retro fitting RCBO solutions compliant with AS/NZ standards

Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure your existing panelboards are installed with Residual Current Circuit Breakers that are compliant with AS/NZ standards. With that in mind, NHP are proud to offer the SAFE-T SRCB, a perfect retro fit RCBO solution suitable for use in single phase general light and power distribution boards. […]

Iplex Pipelines publish plastics pipe Environmental Product Declarations

Recognising the emerging Australian demand for verified environmental product data, Iplex met the challenge head on and in the process become the industry leader. In December 2015, Iplex Pipelines became the world’s first plastics pipe manufacturer to publish a suite of verified and registered Australasian Environmental Product Declarations (EPD®). The declarations cover Iplex’s PVC non-pressure […]

Geotechnical information guiding complex HDD projects

The utility industry is regularly required to call on an enormous and varied range of specialists; from mapping, to drilling, to wastewater treatment, to asset management, to pipe relining, to pipeline integrity, to land access, to risk management, and the list goes on. To make the process a little easier, Utility is bringing together experts […]

Metering accuracy class ‘S’: there is a difference

Electricity energy metering accuracy is an important step in ensuring the integrity of a billing system. Anomalies in measurements can, over a period of time, cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in errors. The accuracy of an energy meter is dependent on multiple factors, such as the load of the network (full load conditions will […]

Improving wastewater analysis and testing

The parameter Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is of special importance in water analysis. In contrast to common cuvette tests, the COD can be measured in an environmentally-friendly way using high-temperature combustion technology. COD is one of the most important sum parameters in water analysis as it provides a reference for organic loading in wastewater. There […]

Improving power reliability at SA’s Eyre Peninsula

South Australian Minister for Energy, Tom Koutsantonis, has asked the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) to investigate measures to improve power reliability on the Eyre Peninsula, following recent damage to transmission lines caused by extreme weather. The request comes after Mr Koutsantonis met with West Coast mayors and CEOs to discuss issues relating […]

Industry bodies work together on oil and gas standards

Standards Australia and NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) will collaborate on the development of international standards for use in the gas and oil sector. Standards Australia has approved a proposal from NERA to establish a new Australian Technical Committee to mirror the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee ISO TC 67. ISO TC 67 […]

Trans-Tasman irrigation MoU signed

In a move to strengthen relationships and improve opportunities between irrigation industries, Irrigation New Zealand and Irrigation Australia have signed the Trans-Tasman irrigation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU formalises the relationship between the two irrigation bodies and will provide long-term benefits for both their membership and the irrigation sectors. Irrigation Australia Chairperson, Andrew Ogden, […]

Tasmanian projects improving water quality

TasWater is undertaking projects to improve water quality across the state, with a new water treatment plant in Mole Creek in North Central Tasmania nearing completion and works beginning on another plant in Ringarooma in Tasmania’s North East. The Mole Creek plant, built by water technology specialist, Laurie Curran Water, has already begun to produce […]

What is the role of trade wastewater specialists?

Say you’ve just received a breach notice, demand for an improvement notice, or a big sewer discharge bill from your local water authority, council or EPA, or if having ignored the above notices, a dreaded notice of impending disconnection from sewer. So what should you do now? You might be a specialist in your area of food […]

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