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Asset management for critical infrastructure: the cornerstone of modern life

Managers of critical infrastructure, such as water, electricity, and transport networks, have more tools available to them than ever before to ensure safe and efficient operation. At the same time, public and government expectations regarding the management of these assets, and delivery of their critical services have never been higher. Technology moves at a rapid […]

Treatment plant wins best tasting water in SA

The winner of the best tasting tap water in South Australia has been announced at the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia’s (WIOA) Water Interest Day. Water produced from SA Water’s Morgan Water Treatment Plant was selected as the best tasting tap water in South Australia for the second year in a row. Morgan Water […]

A sustainable approach to asset management

The last few years has seen a shift in industry attitudes towards sustainable thinking when it comes to our assets, and we are beginning to see the benefits this outlook may have in terms of cost saving and risk reduction. Here, Antony Sprigg, CEO of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, explores the role a […]

What’s holding companies back from innovating?

With increased competition, shareholder expectations, and new technologies making traditional methods obsolete, the need for companies to focus on innovation in their asset management plans has never been higher. Here, Steve Doran, Director of Infrastream, and Chair of the Asset Management Council’s Sydney Chapter, explores what is holding the industry back from investing in innovation […]

How do customers drive innovation in asset management?

The way we manage our water assets to account for future growth has undergone a major shift in recent years. Paul Higham, Acting Head of Development and Infrastructure Portfolio Services for Sydney Water, explores the way in which a move towards a consumer centric view of asset management can drive innovation for the water sector. […]

Why companies need outcome driven asset management

While an outcome focused view of asset management is the desired approach for the rail industry, there is little practical guidance provided on what this really means and how it can be done. Here, Michael Killeen, Asset Manager for NSW TrainLink, explores what companies need to be doing to balance cost, risk and performance and […]

Electricity industry must adapt to disruption in order to survive

Significant customer-driven change is now inevitable in Australia’s electricity market, with the uptake of more renewable and distributed energy sources. Ahead of his presentation at the 2017 Australian Energy Storage Conference, Mark Vincent, Manager of Network Strategy at SA Power Networks, discusses what the industry must do to adapt to this change to meet customers’ […]

How the Internet of Things is revolutionising asset management

The Internet of Things (IoT) remains a mystery to some asset management companies, with its benefits not fully realised. Here, Ian Boake, Principal Strategic Consultant at Jacobs, explores how IoT can enhance a company’s asset management operations. Ahead of his presentation, Demystifying the Internet of Things, at the Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure Conference, 16-17 […]

The risks of not innovating in asset management

Strong industry competition, and shareholder perception that companies are not future-proofing, are some of the reasons why innovation in asset management has become a necessity. Here, Steve Doran, Director of Infrastream, and Chair of the Asset Management Council’s Sydney Chapter, discusses the risks that companies who are responsible for managing assets face if they are […]

Empowered energy customers support the grid

With the right technology, homeowners and businesses with solar and battery storage systems have the potential to play a vital role in stabilising a grid with high renewable generation, according to Luke Osborne, Chief Operations Officer for Reposit Power. By integrating innovative software with solar battery systems, Reposit Power helps customers who invest in these […]

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