Stadium Management Authority’s General Manager for Commercial Operations Darren Chandler, and SA Water’s Business Technical Lead Consultant Cameron Baldock.
In December 2016, SA Water announced it was investing more than $4 million on emerging smart technology to help manage the water supply network in Adelaide’s CBD, making it one of the first Australian water utilities to broadly adopt this type of t ........

Smart meter rollouts are happening all over the world, with utilities trying different approaches, technologies and solutions to accomplish objectives including customer engagement, supply reliability and operational efficiencies. In the smart meteri ........

The notion of a smart electricity network has been around for several decades; but it’s only been in recent years that utilities have developed a more sophisticated approach to the management of their networks. We spoke to Alistair Legge, General M ........

NHP Online Content Image 5
Mary Wilson, Director Smart Metering, Sensus Water utilities have long expressed concerns about five major pain points: 1) leaks 2) non-revenue water 3) theft 4) poor customer service and 5) an overall need to conserve resources, including water and ........

According to Cesare Tizi, Principal Consultant for Utilities at CSC, explosive growth in the number of networked mobile smart devices is increasing users’ expectations for anytime, anywhere connection to family, friends, businesses and places of wo ........

GlobalPOS expert Evan Bollard
Our Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Expert is Evan Bollard. Evan has over 30 years of experience in the specification, implementation and use of GNSS equipment in all types of high accuracy applications both real time and post processed. H ........

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