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Broadening the scope for innovative energy

ARENA’s new investment plan, which will guide almost $800 million of renewables funding over the coming years, expands the agency’s focus to better facilitate Australia’s transition from fossil fuel-dependence to low emissions energy. The agency’s new investment priorities aim to accelerate grid adaptations to increase productivity and flexibility, and integrate higher levels of renewable generation […]

Australian utilities leading innovation in the water industry

Across Australia there is growing momentum towards finding solutions to traditional and emerging threats to water resources and infrastructure through innovative technology and programs. Water Corporation and South East Water have recently been recognised for their innovations in the water industry, and have been appointed members of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) network. At the […]

New wireless broadband towers for rural Australia

Another 45 fixed wireless towers for the NBN have been activated across June and July, joining the existing network of 1700 fixed wireless towers. Minister for Regional Communications, Fiona Nash, said that fixed wireless towers will serve up to six per cent of Australians, mostly in smaller towns and rural areas. “Some 31 fixed wireless […]

Asset management for critical infrastructure: the cornerstone of modern life

Managers of critical infrastructure, such as water, electricity, and transport networks, have more tools available to them than ever before to ensure safe and efficient operation. At the same time, public and government expectations regarding the management of these assets, and delivery of their critical services have never been higher. Technology moves at a rapid […]

New partnership to deliver major water savings to large enterprises and councils

WaterGroup, one of the leading players in the smart water meter market in Australia, has signed a five-year partnership with Thinxtra that will enable large water users to detect water leaks, thereby avoiding wasting millions of litres of water, while realising thousands of dollars in water savings each month. This will be achieved by connecting […]

ANU smart metering project wins award

Australian National University (ANU) has installed smart meters across its campus to receive accurate water use data, to help it make informed decisions on how to manage water use and how to reduce consumption costs. The Smart Water Metering project identified around $300,000 in potential water savings, and was recognised as a best practice example […]

A sustainable approach to asset management

The last few years has seen a shift in industry attitudes towards sustainable thinking when it comes to our assets, and we are beginning to see the benefits this outlook may have in terms of cost saving and risk reduction. Here, Antony Sprigg, CEO of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, explores the role a […]

DTN ranked number one for accurate forecasts in Australia

DTN, a leading provider of information services, has announced that based on comparisons from a recent report, it has the lowest forecast error for both one-day-out and two-day-out high temperature forecasts. The study, released by ForecastWatch, a leading analyst of predictions and outcomes in the weather industry, based on the weather conditions forecast 24 hours […]

Telecommunications reform package enters Parliament

The Federal Government has introduced into Parliament a telecommunications reform package designed to ensure access to high-speed broadband services throughout Australia, with a focus on rural access. The Bills push three key outcomes: The Regional Broadband Scheme (RBS) will provide sustainable funding for the loss-making National Broadband Network NBN fixed wireless and satellite networks in […]

AEMC releases new reforms

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released its final power system security report which makes nine recommendations for changes to market and regulatory frameworks  to guard against technical failures that lead to cascading blackouts. The AEMC’s power system security review was initiated in July 2016 to strengthen the security of the National Electricity Market […]

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