Pipe stacked - lengths
Since Jemena won the contract to construct and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline in November 2015, there has been considerable development on the project. Here, we look at the latest progress, contracts awarded and the future outlook for the pipeline ........

Aerial view of the Bendigo water reclamation plant.
As the operators in the water industry gather in Bendigo for the WIOA conference and exhibition, the town’s water reclamation plant is celebrating a significant milestone: 25 years of continuous operation, utilising a unique and innovative techniqu ........

The impact unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is having on utility asset inspection and management has been considerable in recent years, and their impact will continue to grow considerably, says Mark Limbruner, President of the Geospatial Information a ........

Considerations regarding environmental impact and sustainability are always at the front of mind on utility projects around the country. For suppliers of plastic pipe, it’s a keen consideration too – and now, two Australian manufacturers of p ........

Trenchless technologies operate in a significantly reduced site footprint.
By Laura Harvey, Managing Editor, Utility When it comes to trenchless technologies, most utilities are aware of the core benefits these innovative options offer, but the subtle benefits can sometimes be forgotten. Here, we take a closer look at the t ........

By Cassandra Hogan, National Sector Leader Power & Utilities, KPMG and Mark Johnston, Associate Director Power & Utilities, KPMG Reflecting on the energy network utility, and particularly the opposing challenges of maintaining an infrastructu ........

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