Following a two-year review process, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has ruled in favour of regulating access to wholesale superfast broadband services, and declared a five-year superfast broadband access service (SBAS) on a ........

Electricity distributors design their networks to ensure customers have access to the electricity they need, even in the most extreme conditions. Traditionally, this has meant, as demand has increased, investment in traditional poles and wires infras ........

The nature of today’s working environment is changing as budgets become more constrained and the political landscape transforms around the world. Whatever the economy or politics of a country, corrosion will be an economic threat to industry and th ........

by Sue Murphy, CEO, Water Corporation In Western Australia we have seen such a dramatic climate shift over the last 20 years that we talk only of climate resilience. Since the 1970s Perth’s rainfall has reduced by around 15 per cent but inflows to ........

For almost 20 years, SA Water has offered third-party access agreements, allowing businesses to use the spare capacity in their pipelines to transport privately-owned water. SA Water Senior Manager of Business Development, Mark Wilson, explains how t ........

Sydney Water, Australia’s largest water and wastewater service provider, is embarking on a major digital transformation of its billing and customer management systems. According to Sydney Water Chief Information Officer (CIO), George Hunt, it’s a ........

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Protecting assets from extreme weather

Unpredictable weather, especially lightning, can be the source of significant operational challenges for utilities. To learn the key strategies for managing operations and infrastructure before, during and after major weather events, join Schneider Electric for their free live webinar on Tuesday 28 February.

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